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About company «Vesta trailers»


"Vesta Trailers" is one of the leading European companies in the field of manufacturing car trailers for various purposes, up to 3500 kg total mass. Our offering includes a wide range of trailers and additional equipment, from models designed for transporting goods and construction materials, to those for carrying motor vehicles and boats of different dimensions and weights.

Continuous development and investment in innovative solutions by our design bureau enable the positioning of the brand in the global market, on par with the leading manufacturers of car trailers. 

Our trailers are produced from high-quality materials, primarily certified-grade steel, ensuring a high level of reliability during exploitation. Each trailer undergoes rigorous quality control at every production stage, carried out in modern facilities located in Kumane, Serbia. The entire production process takes place indoors, spanning over 6000 square meters.

The product lineup of Vesta Trailers boasts exceptional quality, evident in the fact that our products are built using components and equipment from renowned and trusted manufacturers of trailer parts, notably the German company "Knott" and "SPP". The electrical installations and lighting equipment on the trailers bear the Austrian brand "Aspock".

What sets apart all Vesta models are their exceptional driving performance, coupled with durable and lightweight trailer constructions. These trailers are crafted from profiled steel that is safeguarded against corrosion through hot-dip galvanization technology.

All car trailers come with a standard certificate and an international manufacturer's vehicle identification number (VIN), allowing for effortless registration and participation in traffic in any country worldwide.

The company has a certified quality management system, compliant with the requirements of the ISO 9001 standard.

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We are dedicated to creating innovative and practical solutions to manufacture trailers that will meet all the needs of our customers and provide them with safe and reliable transport for any type of cargo. Our desire is to continue nurturing a partnership with our customers, offering them personalized service and solutions that will cater to their individual needs, not only when purchasing a trailer but also during servicing and the provision of original spare parts. At the heart of our mission lies a passion for innovation, sustainability, and delivering top-notch value to our customers, thereby building long-term relationships based on trust.


Our vision is to become the leading leader in the global industry of car trailer production and sales, and to establish new standards of quality, innovation, and reliability. Through continuous efforts for improvement and refinement, we aim to be synonymous with innovative solutions and the utilization of advanced technologies in the realm of car trailer manufacturing. We strive to achieve sustainable and environmentally responsible production, contributing to the preservation of the environment. The company's vision is for our products to be synonymous with quality in the car trailer industry.
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Advantages of Vesta trailers

Large selection of models
Large selection of models
We offer trailers for various purposes - from transporting light cargo to construction machinery, vehicles, and yachts.
Functional design
Functional design
The functionality of all trailer components is a priority in our design.
High quality standards
High quality standards
The company holds a certified quality management system, compliant with ISO 9001 standards.
Longevity in operation
Longevity in operation
Our models are developed for a long operational lifespan in all weather conditions.
Reliable protection
Reliable protection
All steel trailer elements are thoroughly safeguarded using the zinc-galvanization method.
Ease of handling
Ease of handling
Our trailers are easy to maneuver while driving. The load on the car's towing hitch is minimal.


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